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Greenhouse Update February 2017

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I should probably have entitled this post; Growroom Update because that’s where all the action is at this time of year, in our show growroom inside the shop. We take full advantage of this purpose made environment for the early season propagation of chilli plants and some of the early sown exhibition crops. The lights in the growroom have a multipurpose in that they grow plants, provide a working display and heat the shop throughout winter making full use of the energy input. You can see a recent video of the growroom and our first round of chilli plants by visiting our facebook page.

By the end of February the first sown chilli plants are reaching heights of 20-30cm tall grown in 13cm square pots. These were sown on the 1st December 2016. I made the decision to start so early with the superhot varieties this year in an attempt to extend the season and start cropping earlier in the year.

The less hot chillies and sweet peppers, mostly Annuum varieties, are sown mid-February. Other notable early growroom frequenters this year are turmeric, giant swede, kohl rabi, giant beetroot, prize leeks and some big onions. And there is even more to come but I’ll save them for a future post.

I’m really looking forward to this season with lots of great plans to be put into action, new varieties of chilli and sweet pepper to grow and more giant vegetables to have a try at.

There are new people to work with as well as the people and companies Plantasia already works with. I have got new products to try out & test, a new growing space to use and perhaps an exhibition or two to attend.

I will also be busy keeping everyone updated via these blogs, writing a few more growing guides and tip sheets and providing even more content on our social pages including some great new videos and loads of pictures. The Chilli Update blog will be back from March and I hope to have the chilli section of the website updated along with the Greenhouse Plant List too. Until next time; may your roots be strong and your fruits plenty.

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