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The New DEva 1000W HPS DE 400V integrated light

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What have this aeroplane and this Deva 1000W DE 400V integrated light got in common?

Answer: they’re both designed/built by electronics wizard and quality control obsessive Greg Richter aka Revolution Micro Electronics.

(And you could safely fly your family in both, if they both had wings).

 Let’s talk Quality

Now just to provide some perspective of how serious Greg and Revolution Micro Electronics is about producing reliable controls, let us tell you that Greg comes from the Aerospace Industry and has contributed to the US’s FAA’s (Federal Aviation Administration) programs. The (FAA) regulate all aspects of American civil aviation. If you are an American flier, you’ve studied Greg Richter’s work. Coming from aerospace and military grade levels of quality control, Greg knows that reliability is not a luxury–it is a MUST.

Unlike many other East Asian ballast assembly lines, the factory Greg works with is in Thailand is ISO certified, and manufactures many high specification product that conform to the American UL standards (Underwriters Laboratories). UL is a very strict safety standard in US, similar to CE marking in Europe. As a matter of fact, UL inspects his factory four times a year. They exceed Automotive Certification standards, even to US Military specification if they need to. Besides having the right equipment and handling processes, it means that their training and testing standards are exceptional.  The factory’s assembly lines are not only trained to just put these units together, they are also trained to test and repair them so as they understand them inside out. This is how Greg works as standard.

The factory is climate controlled both in production and parts storage. This is to protect against ESD (static) damage and soldering problems associated with humidity-sensitive parts like OLED displays. They even use X-ray inspection to verify the boards are 100% before starting software development. The human eye can’t see underneath things, but his X-ray and computer-vision inspection stations can spot the most minor imperfection. On average, one of their circuit boards is inspected four times by machines and six times by technicians. They don’t want to guess, they want to KNOW!

All Revolution products are completely designed and engineered in-house from the ground-up; no copies or clones! With over 100,000 electronic products delivered, we are proud of our perfect record of zero customer returns in 2014, 2015 and zero so far in 2016 as well. In short, they are obsessive about quality!

Light Features

  1. Built to last for 36 years of continuous use! It has six capacitors (not two like other leading brands), larger transistors and inductors, so it can cope with much higher loads. Avionic grade!
  2. It is the first and only “silent” square wave ballast to drive 1000W 400V DE lamps. DC polarity square wave design gives this unit the lowest Electronic Magnetic Interference (EMI) output on record. It’s similar to those found with a Hi-Fi/iPad and other similar small devices. AM radio runs at around 500 kHz, much lower than FM which is in the order of MHz. The DEva runs at 150Hz which is 1000 times lower than most electronic ballasts on the market, and is out of radio range. EMC testing laboratories can hardly tell if the light is on or off. Check out this link:
  3. When powering on the unit, the start-up surge is extremely low. Normally, there is an inrush current to the capacitors. How does the Devo work differently?  The start-up circuits are computer controlled, so the start-up is done in a controlled sequence. Other leading brands have a 10 year old electronic ballast design, using old chips that are less efficient. This unit has all new chipsets and design.  No design element of the unit and the design of the components are over two years old, giving this unit unparalleled performance.
  4. The unit has 1.5% better power factor than any other 1000W unit, down to its newer chips and other components on board
  5. Being a highly efficient low frequency square wave ballast, the plasma in the arc tube maintains a very steady and constant temperature. This results in better colour rendering and lamp life.
  6. Cool running. The heat sync is bigger than any other DE unit with longer fins for better heat dissipation. It is computer designed and is much more efficient than anything else on the market. This lower internal heat level leads to more efficiency as the unit has less heat to deal with. As with all electronics and longevity, heat is your enemy.
  7. 3 years warranty
  8. Ushio Pro Plus lamp, 2100 µmol, same as the legendary 1000W DE Philips 2100 µmol Greenpower lamp.

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