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Pyrethum 5EC concentrate

SKU PTPM05-00 Category
  • For use against a wide range of pests including greenfly, whitefly, aphids, flea beetle and caterpillars
  • For use on vegetables, soft fruit and ornamentals
  • Can be used in indoor and outdoor growing systems
  • Leaves no pesticide residues and does not persist in the environment
  • For use in organic farming systems
  • Zero active ingredient residue profile
  • Harvest interval only 24 hour

Pyrethum 5EC concentrate

SKU PTPM05-00 Category


Pyrethrum is a natural mixture of pyrethrins I and II and is purified from crude extracts of flowers using supercritical CO2. The active ingredient causes rapid knockdown, mainly from pyrethrin II, followed shortly by death associated with pyrethrin I. The mode of action is non systemic and contact action caused by binding of pyrethrins to sodium channels inhibiting the insects nervous system. This mode of action leads to a broad spectrum of insecticidal activity against mites, chewing and sucking insects on fruit, vegetables and ornamentals.

Pyrethrum 5EC is combined with a synergist piperonyl butoxide which improves the activity of the active ingredient. Piperonyl butoxide is prepared from a natural source (oil of sassafras) and inhibits a class of enzymes called mixed function oridases (MFO’s), which are responsible for the metabolism and inactivation of pesticides and foreign molecules in the insect. The blocking of this detoxification process therefore makes the insect more vulnerable to the action of pyrethrum.

Pyrethrum 5EC should be used at a concentration of 0.02%. Mix the required rate of Pyrethrum 5EC with enough water to allow good coverage of the target plants. Do not add less than 275 l/ha or more than 1500 l/ha water. Half fill the spray tank with water and add the required volume of Pyrethrum 5EC and mix well. Fill the tank with water and commence spraying. Pyrethrum 5EC can be sprayed at 7 day intervals and crops harvested 24 hours after last application.

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