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SKU PTHS50-00 Category


SKU PTHS50-00 Category


Hygrozyme is a genuine innovation in enzyme based products which breaks down old root mass to allow for and stimulate new growth. Manufactured in an entirely unique way, Hygrozyme offers growers a number of advantages over competing products. Completely free of bacteria, it has a virtually unlimited shelf life and carries no risk of introducing living bacteria into your system. Being bacteria-free also means Hygrozyme is the first and only enzyme based product that can suitably be used with Oxy-Plus – a massive benefit! OMRI listed (organic) and highly recommended.

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3054 Hygrozyme 500 mls
0127 Hygrozyme 1 Litre
0174 Hygrozyme 4 Litre

GroWell is now exclusively able to bring you the 500ml and 4 Litre sizes of Hygrozyme. The 500ml size is ideal for those wanting to try out this exceptional booster without too much investment, whilst the larger 4 Litre size is a more cost effective way of buying in bulk quantities for those who have already experienced just how well this additive performs!

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Excellent product
Written by Dubeldutch |

4 Jul 2011

I have been using this product ever since it first come out and i cant fault it in any way, its great in veg & flowering stage, my Aloe Vera are bursting out of their pots!!

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Questions and Answers (3)

can i use hygrozyme with canna bio products in my dripper system.
You can use Hygrozyme in a Wilma system, I would not advise using organic nutrients in a dripper system, as the nutrients will block the pump & drip lines.

Written by SM | 30 Mar 2013

Can i use Hygrozyme in a aero system?
Hygrozyme will work well in all systems, coco, & soil.

Written by del | 14 May 2012

How much do you use per litre..etc ?
You would use Hygrozyme @ 1ml per litre during the first two weeks, @ 2ml per litre from then until week 2 of flower, & @ 1ml per litre for weeks 3-5 of flowering.

Written by Tom Taylor | 2 Nov 2011

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